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As a current serving Trustee for the Line Dance Foundation & as the webmaster for Alison & Peter they would like to draw your attention to the message given for & on behalf of the LDF. 

Where it all began

The Line Dance Foundation (LDF) was founded in 2007 by Betty Drummond of Linedancer Magazine. Its purpose is to support people involved with Line dance who face difficult times through illness, accident or other distressing circumstances which affects their ability to earn their living.

Who benefits?

The LDF helps anyone involved in Line dance on a profession or semi professional basis be that part-time or full time, anywhere in the world and in any capacity. 

Details of the grants to beneficiaries are kept confidential unless the beneficiaries themselves choose to make it known that they have received help. Disclosure will never come from the LDF.

If you know of anyone who needs help from the LDF then please visit: where you can uplaod a nomination form. 


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Alison and Peter live in the United Kingdom and have had the pleasure of touring for many years, during which time they have been invited to teach in many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Eire  and as far afield as Tokyo, Japan and of course the UK.  Events have taken them to the sunny shores of Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Majorca, Hawaii, The Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera.

Together they have choreographed and introduced many crowd-pleasing dances to the line dance community all over the world. Alison & Peter have over 1000 dances published on well-known US and UK download sites of which many have been published in popular UK and European magazines. Their versatility to choreograph to all genres of music, to produce dances for all levels of dancers and to create different styles of dance has been the catalyst at keeping them in the industry for 24 years and for giving them the pleasure of seeing their dances fill the dance floors all over the world.

Needless to say Alison & Peter are stalwarts in the line dance community, they have not only choreographed many crowd pleasing dances but have given their dedication, commitment and life to the line dance community and for us we hope they stay with us for many more years to come.


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Alison & Peter known are known as TheDanceFactoryUK hence the company name of DF UK Promotions Limited. This was a nickname given to us by the dancers so we decided to take it on board and utilise it accordingly.


Alison & Peters' aim has always been to provide a service to the world of line dance by not only creating what has been successful choreography throughout the years but also to provide top class facilities for events and line dance holidays.  Their events are second to none and always give you the dancers 


Included in your holiday is always good food, good company, the best of the best in the line dance world and most of all fun, fun, fun!